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jordann dunn in timberlands

Timberland Boots – Either You Love Them Or You Hate Them

Timberlands are absolutely alien to me similar to sunglasses but even more so. I haven’t actually got a clue what they’re for. But Timberland has been around for quite a while and their boots have been on the market...
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model friends

All is not fair in love and war

The sisterhood has unwritten rules, a code to live by, much like the brotherhood. But do the gloves come off where love is concerned?
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grease lightening go

Grease Lightening Go Grease Lightening

‘I don’t grease my scalp.’ There I said it. Being from an African home greasing my scalp is as compulsory as going to church every sunday. I remember every sunday sitting on the floor as my mum picks up Dax and slathers i...