Beauty and Hair
  • Brighten your skin with white products

    White makeup to brighten and highlight your best features

    Ahhh white the colour of innocence, purity, cleanliness and clarity. Although white is not really a colour you would associate with me, my mum would say black or brown. However, ignoring my mum I have totally embraced the colou...
  • Cleansing wipes for the none cleansing days

    Because I just can’t be bothered to cleanse everynight

    I follow a regimented beauty regime. I begin by bathing in goats milk and moisturise my body with oils collected exclusively from the amazon. Without fail I cleanse my face everyday, morning and evening, apply my serum, then my...
  • Illuminators for brown skin

    The after sex glow even when you are having a dry spell

    There comes a time in a woman’s life where all she wants is to look radiant, you know that after sex look. Not just any sex but the sex where you pretty much resemble the girl from the exorcism, spine breaking orgasm. We ...
  • why i dont wear weave

    Why I stopped wearing weaves

      To weave or not to weave… that is the question. Every woman has their reason for either choosing to wear weaves or not. I had been wearing weaves for years starting with tracks in between my own hair for volume to goin...
  • Lipliners for brown skin

    Lip liners that every brown skin lady needs

    For as long as I can remember I have seen women rocking the black lip liner. I wouldn’t call it rocking because its not supposed to be something you should be wearing let alone proud of but hey each to their own. Even bei...
  • products for men that work for women

    I love using mens products because they work better

    Almost every beauty or skincare brand you see that is marketed for women is advertised using words such as “silky”, “goddess” and often all come in pink, purple or turquoise that smell like watermelon, strawberries and ...
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Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Runway Show Paris Fashion

I am all about being a fetish goddess everyday

It sounds like a strange title doesn’t it? The word ‘fetish’ conjures images of sad old men cowering in dungeons and scary ladies with whips. However, fetish and fashion, as Dita Von Teese reminds us in her bo...
summer one piece ss14
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Roman Holiday (Or ‘When In Rome…’)

When in Rome… I chose to visit Rome as a summer trip (shamefully) because Barcelona was not an option- my jetsetter friend had been to Barcelona twice already so we had to scribble the city off of the ‘Destination Possibili...
I got a kick up my arse at a house party
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animal and human editorials

Relationship lessons we can all learn from animals

As the intelligent species there is supposedly some differentiation between us and animals. However, it seems to me that when it comes to relationships we are the only species that has got it completely wrong. We blame so much ...
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