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  • why i dont wear weave

    Why I stopped wearing weaves

      To weave or not to weave… that is the question. Every woman has their reason for either choosing to wear weaves or not. I had been wearing weaves for years starting with tracks in between my own hair for volume to goin...
  • Lipliners for brown skin

    Lip liners that every brown skin lady needs

    For as long as I can remember I have seen women rocking the black lip liner. I wouldn’t call it rocking because its not supposed to be something you should be wearing let alone proud of but hey each to their own. Even bei...
  • products for men that work for women

    I love using mens products because they work better

    Almost every beauty or skincare brand you see that is marketed for women is advertised using words such as “silky”, “goddess” and often all come in pink, purple or turquoise that smell like watermelon, strawberries and ...
  • cleansers

    Cleansers I just can’t get enough of

    Ah yes, the choir of the cleansing routine. You get home from a long day of working hard and you are faced with the effort of taking your entire face off. Gone are the days where I would just go to bed remaining with a full fac...
  • Mane 'N' Tail shampoo and conditioner

    I turned to horse shampoo to grow my hair

    I cannot speak about other women, but when it comes to my hair, I find myself to be a tad bipolar. I spend a year growing it out and as soon as I reach the desired length I start craving the cute short haircut I saw on that gir...
  • bold brows

    Why I couldn’t give a hoots about the bold brow trend

    I actually don’t get this huge hype or so called trend of the bushy brows. Just because we like to alter ourselves  and our version of natural beauty is somewhat confundled doesn’t give it the right to make it a trend....
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Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Runway Show Paris Fashion

I am all about being a fetish goddess everyday

It sounds like a strange title doesn’t it? The word ‘fetish’ conjures images of sad old men cowering in dungeons and scary ladies with whips. However, fetish and fashion, as Dita Von Teese reminds us in her bo...
summer one piece ss14
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I got a kick up my arse at a house party

I got a kick up the arse at a house party

Everyone likes a house party, just not when you’re around people that make you feel like you’re a commoner. To give you an idea, I was Kat Slater and the first guy I spoke to was David Cameron. Naturally, I felt like my sho...
madonna feminist
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balls of steele vagina

Get balls of Steele Vagina… well kind of

  Who doesn’t want a vagina that has the combined force of Super Man and Iron Man, Indestructible and can crush anything that tries to penetrate it.No… me neither. But I do want a vagina that can hold itself rather than me...
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